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Fragrance Oil Concentrate - Salty Beaches

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Exclusively Ours

A day at the beach … Sunshine, Sea Salt, and a hint of Coconut on the Breeze.
This bright clean fragrance is a tropical beach escape you can enjoy every day.


Oil Concentrate for use with our Diffuser Jars

Apply 2-4 drops to new diffuser rocks, shake to distribute oil, cover overnight to allow fragrance to develop. Remove lid to diffuse fragrance. Cover when not in use.
Refresh scent with 1-2 drop every 2weeks to 1 month depending upon use.

Caution: this is a concentrated - start with 1-2 drops and add more if desired.
Do not apply directly to skin, clothes, furniture, or pets. Avoid contact with eyes.
15ml glass bottle with dropper.  Contents: Fragrance Oils.